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Who’s The Victim Here?

Animals are not people (although as I write this, our Dalmatian is lounging on the sofa, apparently engrossed in a golf tournament). But does this distinction mean that animals cannot be victims in a prosecution for animal neglect? Two years ago, the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon executed a search warrant in response to an animal abuse/neglect complaint. Deputies seized 69 animals, including... Read More

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Not Just For Letters Anymore

It wasn’t fraud on a billion-dollar, Bernie Madoff scale, but it still was fraud. And Trina Lee Kenney got caught. When complaints about Kenney’s business practices started surfacing from irate horse buyers all across the United States and in Canada, the Feds started investigating. An FBI agent and a United States Postal Inspector acting undercover contacted Kenney about buying "Azure," a Friesian... Read More

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Caveat Emptor—And Everyone Else

"If the lying were stopped by law, the business of horse trading would come to an end . . ." This quote was lifted from an Opinion piece appearing in the New York Times more than a century ago. The article dealt with inflated circulation figures for newspapers and had nothing to do with horse sales, but it reflected the public perception of horse traders as shady characters. The writer might have overstated... Read More

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Failed Appeal

The Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court shot down the appeal of Ernest Paragallo’s animal cruelty conviction on March 31, apparently clearing the way for his return to prison. There’s nothing odd about that. Appeals are standard procedure following a criminal conviction and most appeals are denied. There are a couple of interesting twists, though. The first involves the issues raised... Read More

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