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A Tale of Two Rescues

A reader recently shared the story of two horse rescues with similar names, one doing good work, the other not so good. Someone posting on a horse welfare website passes along information about more than two dozen malnourished and neglected horses seized from the "bad" rescue but in the process associates the seizures with the almost-but-not-quite-identical name of the "good" rescue. Is it an honest... Read More

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Be Careful What You Say

One of the really valuable things about the Internet and social media is immediate access to thousands and thousands of people with a single click of the mouse. One of the really dangerous things about the Internet and social media is immediate access to thousands and thousands of people with a single click of the mouse. The Internet has radically changed the way we communicate with family, friends... Read More

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Practice Makes Perfect

What does the "practice of veterinary medicine" really mean? It all depends on where you’re standing when you ask the question. Every state has a Veterinary Practice Act that attempts to explain what practicing veterinary medicine is and what it is not. That’s an important distinction because only licensed veterinarians can practice veterinary medicine—legally, at least. Non-veterinarians, on the other... Read More

Finding A Reputable Rescue

Equine rescues survive on the charity of others. But what happens when an equine rescue betrays the trust of its donors? More than 50 malnourished and neglected horses were seized from Hidden Meadows Equine Rescue in West Virginia a few months ago and one of the owners, Mary O’Brien, was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. She eventually entered a guilty plea to one count of animal cruelty... Read More

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Good Laws, Ignored

A reader took issue with my statement last week that the various animal rights/animal welfare factions should be able to agree that "we need tougher animal protection laws." We don’t need "tougher" laws," the reader said, we need "better" laws. It’s hard to argue with that. Better does means improvement, after all, and everyone should be striving to make tomorrow better than today—for ourselves, for... Read More

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