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Breaking The Link

Reliable evidence establishing a link between animal abuse and domestic violence continues to grow. According to the American Humane Association, a national advocacy group established in 1877 to address the related issues of child and animal abuse, almost three-quarters of pet-owning women who enter shelters report that their abusers had injured, killed, or threatened family pets. Between 25 per cent... Read More

Who Listens To A Talking Horse?

Judges, apparently, at least in Iowa. In 1977, horse owner Pamela Morgan purchased a tract of land in Fremont County, Iowa. She obtained a mortgage from Tri-Valley Bank and later entered into a separate security agreement with the institution using her horses as collateral for her debts with the bank. She refinanced the farm and renegotiated the security agreement in 2003, and then obtained a second... Read More

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A Necessary Evil

It’s a familiar story, and a frustrating one for many animal welfare advocates. Someone is arrested and charged with animal abuse or neglect. If the defendant is prominent enough, or the abuse horrific enough, there will be a splash in the press for a few days. Reports cite the maximum sentences faced by the defendant: prison time, fines, or both. Depending on the state, the offenses might be felonies... Read More

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"It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over"

A perfect game—27 batters faced, 27 batters retired—is an extremely rare event in baseball. Since Lee Richmond pitched the first perfect game in 1880, only 20 pitchers have managed the feat. To put things in perspective, the number of Apollo astronauts who have orbited the moon (24) is greater than the number of major league pitchers who have thrown perfect games. The perfect game count almost reached... Read More

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Two Strikes, You’re Out

A federal district court in Washington DC sounded the death knell for a legal challenge to the Bureau of Land Management’s controversial "gather" and relocation of wild mustangs from the Calico Mountains Complex in Nevada. Handed down on May 24, the Court’s decision cleared the way for the relocation of so-called "excess" wild horses from the Calico Mountains Complex. Earlier this year, the Court denied... Read More

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