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Are Foxes Guarding The Henhouse?

If the stars wind up in proper alignment during the last few days of the current legislative session, Kentucky lawmakers are set to create the Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Board. The Board will recommend, but not mandate, standards for the care of horses, other livestock, and poultry on farms across the state. The Board will have no investigative function or actual authority, and the ultimate... Read More

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Saying You’re Sorry—Or Not

Does your veterinarian apologize if he or she does something that harms one of your animals? How about the trainer who is preparing your horse for a show? Or the owner of the farm where you board your horses? If your answer is "no," it does not necessarily mean that the veterinarian, or instructor, or farm owner is afraid to take responsibility, or is a callous individual who does not care. The individual... Read More

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Making The Punishment Fit The Crime

The verdict came down last week, but the story is far from over. On March 10, Judge George J. Pulver Jr. found prominent New York Thoroughbred owner and breeder Ernest Paragallo guilty on 33 separate counts of animal neglect. The charges arose from the April 2009 seizure of 177 horses, many severely malnourished, from Paragallo’s Center Brook Farm near Albany. It took almost a year for the case to... Read More

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What About The Horses?

A few weeks ago, I commented on Lope Gonzalez, a Florida Thoroughbred breeder who lost the privilege of registering horses with The Jockey Club after his conviction for animal neglect in Florida. The lifetime ban on registering horses imposed by The Jockey Club, which could effectively end Gonzalez’s livelihood as a Thoroughbred breeder, was far more severe than the slap on the wrist handed down by... Read More

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Meet My Horse—"Fido"

If your horse lives on a farm, is it a "farm animal?" If your horse lives in the back yard, and gets more attention than your dog or cat, is it a "companion animal?" If your horse shares a pasture with cows, or sheep, or llamas, is it "livestock?" The answers depend on state law, which generally lumps horses with other livestock. But state law can be revised to reflect changes in the use of animals... Read More

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