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Legislative Update: Slaughter

What’s been happening with efforts to ban horse slaughter since June 2008, when the United States Supreme Court refused to consider the appeal of Cavel International? The Cavel appeal challenged the legal authority of Illinois to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption. Opponents of slaughter hailed the Supreme Court decision to do nothing as a victory, and in a very narrow sense it was.... Read More

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He Said, She Said

After leading midway through the $125,000 Maurello Championship for Illinois-bred pacers at Balmoral Park on Sept. 19, Martha Maxine lost a little ground in the stretch and finished a neck behind longshot Mucho Sleazy. The result was something of a surprise because Martha Maxine had paced a mile in 1:49.2, one of the best times in Chicago this year, to win an elimination race by five lengths. "So... Read More

Unintended Consequences

See the doctor and you expect everything about the visit—test results, medical records, diagnosis, the conversation itself—to be confidential. The same is true when you consult an attorney for legal advice, seek spiritual guidance from a priest or minister, or share confidences with a spouse. You have a reasonable expectation of privacy in all of these communications, and they are generally accorded... Read More

Due Diligence

News comes from California that a jury awarded Tom Selleck $187,000 after the actor supposedly was tricked into buying a lame show horse for his daughter. Purchase price for the 10-year-old horse, named Zorro, was $120,000; the additional jury award was compensation for board and other expenses since the purchase three years ago. Still to be determined at this writing is whether punitive damages will... Read More

Punishment--Enough or Too Much?

When Michael Vick stepped on the field a few nights ago in Philadelphia it marked his first appearance in a National Football League game in three years. The former Atlanta Falcon’s performance in his first start for the Eagles—four completions in four attempts, six plays in all—wasn’t particularly noteworthy, but the fact that he was playing at all was. Vick served almost two years in federal prison... Read More

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