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EHV-1 Outbreak: Fight the Fear

First of all, there's no need to panic. Be smart? Yes. Be aware? Yes. Panic? An emphatic "no." Pockets of the horse industry have wrestled with a neurologic equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) outbreak before, and they have recovered and gone back to business as usual. The current state of quarantined barns and hospitals and smattering of canceled shows is inconvenient, expensive, and frustrating, but these... Read More

20-Meter Circles in My Sleep

It used to be that I'd say, "I dread the day when that horse leaves us." I've had nightmares about it over the years, actually, not ever really being able to imagine what life would be like without him. Well, today is that day. And while I'm finding the day wasn't necessarily something to fear, a heavy numbness has set in that I know will give way to true sadness at some point. (How do those stages... Read More

Guest Post: Cost Drives Care

Dr. Christy Corp-Minamiji , a veterinarian living in Northern California, wrote a particularly poignant piece for the April issue of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care that I want to share with those who might not have seen it. It was a dream job, a forever job. In vet school I swore I would never practice small animal medicine or do research. I would be a large animal vet. The universe laughs... Read More

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Without a horse in my care at the moment, moments of direct application of what I've learned at work--aha moments--probably don't hit as often as they will hit when I have The Mare out here. But sometimes these moments do happen. When they do, I'm thankful for the perspective. Last week I took a vacation out West with a friend of mine to visit some other friends, get some fresh air, play in some snow... Read More

A Year of Innovation

"New year ... new you!" Shouting at you from the newsstand in the grocery checkout line are loud January cliches, beckoning you to organize, save, trim, focus, run/lift/stretch, accomplish, and lose like never before. I guess it's not so different in your horse-owning life: As you reflect on 2010, the memories of time spent with your horses quickly accumulate--all the things you accomplished and learned... Read More

Reflections and Resolutions

Three hundred sixty-five days. They stretch out before us not unlike the snow many of us woke up to on Christmas on this side of the country--clean, undisturbed, quiet, and full of fun possibilities. (You just want to go careening through it, celebrating its trademark "squeak," right? Or turn the horses out and watch them play.) Then suddenly it's December 30 and you're wondering where the last 363... Read More

Easier Said Than Done?

It's probably safe to say that behind every homebred filly or colt there's a story. It could be as simple as one live cover, one pregnancy check, and a healthy foal ­arrival--smooth sailing. Or, the process could've been a little more complex. I had the opportunity to breed a favorite Warmblood jumper that belonged to my university to an accomplished stallion that had also been at the university for... Read More

Ambassadors for the Horse

A few weekends ago I did something I'm not sure I've done before—I helped set a record. More than 50,800 people flocked to the 1,224-acre Kentucky Horse Park on Oct. 2 to watch cross-country competition, browse exhibits and a trade fair, witness famous trainers' demonstrations, and soak in the wonder that was the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG). That was the highest one-day attendence... Read More

A Safe Place to Land

Last weekend I received an e-mail from a veterinarian at the University of Pennsylvania that warmed my heart and, quite frankly, got me a little teary-eyed. Keep in mind that much of my correspondence with veterinarians involves clarifying 18-syllable words having to do with equine physiology and planning for upcoming coverage. I find these more clinical-type situations all very stimulating (I'm not... Read More

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Kip Deville. Barbaro. Secretariat. All were champions, and all share the lamentable status of having eventually succumbed to an illness that haunts all horse owners: laminitis. Whether we've lost one of our own horses to the insidious disease, or whether we've ached for the caretakers, veterinarians, and brave horses that have battled it for months at a time, exhausting every treatment option, laminitis... Read More

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