Horse Sense (and Sensibility)

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Coming soon: An updated will offer an improved way to find the horse-health information you trust.... Read More

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An Unlikely Farrier

A young female farrier in Kenya is breaking stereotypes by doing what's traditionally thought of as men's work while also helping to improve the quality of life for working donkeys. ... Read More

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Little Breakthroughs

With horses, little breakthroughs can add up to big changes over time.... Read More

A Game-Changing Laminitis Study

Pay attention to the major laminitis study going on at Texas A&M, in which veterinarians hope to identify ways horse owners and veterinarians can manage or prevent the condition. ... Read More

Down With Mosquitoes

This year's rise in West Nile virus cases, particularly those in humans, mean that we should be extra vigilant about vaccinating our horses and preventing mosquito breeding on our farms.... Read More

A Hardy, Handy Irish Horse

After spending eight days on a sound, sensible horse over many types of terrain in Ireland, I wondered about why some horses seem more "hardy" than others.... Read More

Horse Cents

Planning for horse-related health expenses, both expected and unexpected, is crucial. ... Read More

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Lessons from Disaster

Sadly, unpreparedness in the face of widespread diaster is often what spurs productive planning for horse owners.... Read More

On Horse Sitting and Manure Surprises

Manure happens ... and sometimes it presents surprises. Editor-in-Chief Stephanie L. Church discovered a common parasite while caring for horses and discusses with a parasitologist what the finding means.... Read More

Rabies: Scary, But Very Preventable

When veterinarians describe managing equine rabies cases, they generally say something to this effect: Horse owners and veterinarians should be on alert for certain--and sometimes bizarre--clinical signs.... Read More

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