Horse Sense (and Sensibility)

On Horse Sitting and Manure Surprises

Manure happens ... and sometimes it presents surprises. Editor-in-Chief Stephanie L. Church discovered a common parasite while caring for horses and discusses with a parasitologist what the finding means.... Read More

Rabies: Scary, But Very Preventable

When veterinarians describe managing equine rabies cases, they generally say something to this effect: Horse owners and veterinarians should be on alert for certain--and sometimes bizarre--clinical signs.... Read More

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Reflection on Spielberg's Film 'War Horse'

The highly anticipated film whose trailer even had me in tears when I saw it for the first time back in August was one I will return to see in the theater and will own on DVD. ... Read More

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From Gawky to Grand

Has anyone else been nearly bowled over by the speed at which a foal or young horse grows (Figuratively speaking, but if you're raising a foal of a larger breed, it could also mean literally!)?... Read More

Horse 'Appointments'

My latest horse encounters have reminded me of how once horses are woven into your life, you don't ever really get away from them even if you aren't in an ownership situation. ... Read More

Horse Owner Preparation for Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters

With Hurricane Irene approaching the East Coast, more than ever I'm reminded of the importance of horse owner disaster planning.... Read More

Uveitis: A Little Bit of Hades

If I owned a horse with uveitis, I'd be empathizing with him this week as I've been sidelined with the condition. Uveitis, simply, involves extremely painful inflammation of the cellular layer of the eye.... Read More

A Fresh New Look

Subscribers to's electronic newsletters will notice some changes starting with this week's edition of the Welfare & Industry E-Newsletter, and similar changes will roll out in other newsletters in the coming days.... Read More

Equids in Kenya

Donkeys are the unsung heroes of Kenyan agriculture and commerce, and I saw scores of them on my recent trip; also, I saw large herds of zebras.... Read More

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Eco-Friendly Horse Care

Not every stable area has to turn into a miry pit of boot-sucking mud during the rainy months. Alayne Blickel's "green farm" is an inspiration.... Read More

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