Horse Sense (and Sensibility)

7 Ways to Help Working Equids and their People at Christmas

Here are a few organizations seeking to help working equids and people abroad who rely on these horses, donkeys, or mules for their livelihood. ... Read More

An Undercurrent of Compassion

A detectable undercurrent at the 2012 AAEP convention was one of caring for horses and for their people, both domestically and worldwide.... Read More

Pausing to be Thankful

There's plenty to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, from supportive horsey family members to phenomenal horses.... Read More

How Do You Like it?

Have you spent some time with our redesigned site yet? Know it's not a one-and-done process; we're always looking for ways further improve your user experience. ... Read More

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A New Look for

Coming soon: An updated will offer an improved way to find the horse-health information you trust.... Read More

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An Unlikely Farrier

A young female farrier in Kenya is breaking stereotypes by doing what's traditionally thought of as men's work while also helping to improve the quality of life for working donkeys. ... Read More

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Little Breakthroughs

With horses, little breakthroughs can add up to big changes over time.... Read More

A Game-Changing Laminitis Study

Pay attention to the major laminitis study going on at Texas A&M, in which veterinarians hope to identify ways horse owners and veterinarians can manage or prevent the condition. ... Read More

Down With Mosquitoes

This year's rise in West Nile virus cases, particularly those in humans, mean that we should be extra vigilant about vaccinating our horses and preventing mosquito breeding on our farms.... Read More

A Hardy, Handy Irish Horse

After spending eight days on a sound, sensible horse over many types of terrain in Ireland, I wondered about why some horses seem more "hardy" than others.... Read More

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