Horse Sense (and Sensibility)


Stephanie reflects on the striking contrast between the equine landscape in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and that of Lexington, Ky.... Read More

Your Virtual File Storage Box

Fill your virtual file box with equine articles and tools from The Horse's weekly and monthly e-newsletters. You never know what you might learn.... Read More

What Keeps You in the Industry?

I recently attended the 2014 United States Pony Clubs National Youth Congress. The experience got me wondering: Why do some teens stay in the horse industry while others leave?... Read More

Lives in the Balance Just Down the Road

Throughout the spring, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute's neonate team works to save sick foals. Follow one such story in Blood-Horse's inaugural long-form multimedia feature. ... Read More

One Size Doesn't Fit All

The host of saddle design options now available reflects the endless variety of horse shapes.... Read More

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Seven Ways to Ease a Donkey's (or Horse's) Burden This Christmas

Stephanie suggests several organizations to support if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet.... Read More

20 Do's and Don'ts for Being an Awesome Veterinary Client

Five equine practitioners shared their wishlists for promoting a healthy veterinarian-client relationship.... Read More

Ethiopian Working Horses: First Impressions

Here's a little of what I saw and learned last week in Ethiopia at the Havemeyer Workshop on Infectious Diseases of Working Horses and Donkeys.... Read More

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So, What IS Up With That Coat?

Learn about our November cover model's curly coat, as well as what's inside the issue.... Read More

A Valiant Fight

Last spring Stephanie met Jeanette Sassoon and her inspirational gelding Valiant, a 27-year-old dressage horse blind since age 6. Today she sends him prayers as he rests in critical condition.... Read More

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