Horse Sense (and Sensibility)

For Want of an Curbed Appetite

When spring and summer roll around, there’s a certain equine type that can be tough to manage: the round one. ... Read More

A Happy Year

Our editor-in-chief looks back over the first year with her horse, Happy.... Read More

Six Take-Homes from My Saddle Fitting Session

I’m eyeball-deep in the saddle fitting process right now, and I’m learning a lot about what will work for my horse.... Read More

5 Practical Things Breyers Taught Me about Real Life with Horses

In honor of Breyerfest this weekend, here are a few things I’ve learned from cellulose acetate horses.... Read More

The Sacred Art of Puttering Around with Horses

Sometimes you just need to savor the simple routines of horse ownership.... Read More

Sizing Up Off-Track Thoroughbreds for Other Disciplines

A few Friday nights ago, I set up my office in what looked a lot like a Central Kentucky Thoroughbred farm, with picturesque fields, pristine barns, and top-pedigree racehorses. Not a bad place to spend a few hours working, right? Photo: Stephanie L. Church/ But this was neither a Thoroughbred nursery nor a race training facility. It was West Wind Farm, a boarding and sport horse facility... Read More

Veterinary Schools on Instagram

Several of the accredited veterinary schools in the United States are active on Instagram. Here's a list to follow.... Read More

Slobber-gate: What Caused My Horse’s Excessive Salivation?

Small clues added context to why my new horse started drooling puddles after a snowstorm.... Read More

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Settling In … Slow Snorts and So Many Feed Choices

What have been your biggest challenges when getting a new horse after a break from ownership?... Read More

14 More Considerations for Preventing Horse Barn Fires

What steps have you taken to prevent fires in your barn? What challenges must you overcome to help your barn be more fireproof? ... Read More

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