Horse Sense (and Sensibility)

Slobber-gate: What Caused My Horse’s Excessive Salivation?

Small clues added context to why my new horse started drooling puddles after a snowstorm.... Read More

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Settling In … Slow Snorts and So Many Feed Choices

What have been your biggest challenges when getting a new horse after a break from ownership?... Read More

14 More Considerations for Preventing Horse Barn Fires

What steps have you taken to prevent fires in your barn? What challenges must you overcome to help your barn be more fireproof? ... Read More

Picking Up Where I Left Off With Horse Ownership

Have you returned to owning horses after a hiatus? What do you remember most about the experience?... Read More

Life Is Short: Just Get the Horse

The best Christmas present ever! After 10 horseless years, The Horse's editor-in-chief is back in the saddle on her own gelding. ... Read More

You Never Can Tell With Bees

Trail riding sometimes presents encounters with bees, and the results are often unpredictable. Have you ever come across bees while riding your horse?... Read More

Sometimes You Simply Don’t Know

Have you ever pushed a horse to work when you didn’t realize he was experiencing a physical limitation or illness? ... Read More

Slobbering in Horses

Excess slobber in your horse can mean a variety of things beyond slaframine toxicity from clover.... Read More

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California Chrome’s ‘Chrome’

Learn about the science behind Triple Crown-contender California Chrome's namesake--his white markings.... Read More

Primed for Battle?

There’s something a bit mystical about vaccination. How do you make vaccination decisions for your horses?... Read More

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