Horse Sense (and Sensibility)

The Devil Is in the Details

A lot of time, planning, and preparation go into preventing an equine disease outbreak, but much more goes into resolving one.... Read More

A Valid Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship

How have you seen the veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) at work in your barn? Find out why a valid VCPR is crucial to your horse’s health.... Read More

9 Ideas for Giving Tuesday

Today, on Giving Tuesday, we pause to contribute to charitable organizations that are meaningful to us.... Read More

Two Very Different Racehorses

Stephanie shares the stories of two off-track Thoroughbreds in her life. Who is your favorite OTTB, and why? If the horse is/was yours, what have you done together? ... Read More

Snapshots of Safety: Riding Helmets as a Habit

When was a time you were glad you were wearing a helmet?... Read More

Sometimes the Kitchen Sink is Necessary

Stephanie reflects on trail-ride preparedness as she remembers a long-ago adventure and gets ready for another ahead.... Read More

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Prepurchase Exams are Rarely Black and White

Prepurchase exams range from the cursory glance-him-over and watch him jog to the four-figure exam with every imaging angle imaginable.... Read More

For Want of an Curbed Appetite

When spring and summer roll around, there’s a certain equine type that can be tough to manage: the round one. ... Read More

A Happy Year

Our editor-in-chief looks back over the first year with her horse, Happy.... Read More

Six Take-Homes from My Saddle Fitting Session

I’m eyeball-deep in the saddle fitting process right now, and I’m learning a lot about what will work for my horse.... Read More

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