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Pausing to be Thankful

There's plenty to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, from supportive horsey family members to phenomenal horses....

20-Meter Circles in My Sleep

It used to be that I'd say, "I dread the day when that horse leaves us." I've had nightmares about it over the years, actually, not ever really being able to imagine what life would be like without him. Well, today is that day. And while I'm finding the day wasn't necessarily something to fear, a heavy numbness has set in that I know will give way to true sadness at some point. (How do those stages...

Choose My Adventure

Choose Your Own My Adventure All work and no play. You know how the saying goes. Same applies to horses—all work and no play does make you dull—whether you’re talking about too much time in the arena or many hours at the desk and not out at the barn. I’m more likely to fit in the second category right now. Confession: I haven’t touched a horse in almost a month. Since I don’t have my own horse at the...

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