Last Thursday night, something big happened for We watched our Facebook fan count climb to 100,000!

Let’s put that amount into perspective. 

  • It’s just shy of the population of Kenosha, Wisc. (U.S. Census Bureau, July 2012). And since the number has grown since Friday, we’re now neck and neck with West Palm Beach, Fla.
  • In gallons, that’s the average amount of water an American residence uses in a year. (Yeesh.)
  • In pounds, that’s about 118 average-weight baby grand pianos (but keep in mind that I’m an editor, not a mathemetician).
  • In miles? That’s around the world more than four times.

You get the picture. It’s a lot of people, especially considering that we’re a publication with a relatively small team that’s focused solely on a very specialized topic—horse health.

I speak on behalf of that very team of editors, designers, marketing gurus, advertising reps, production, digital gurus, and technical folks when I say that I’m delighted and flattered that’s content and information keeps our fans visiting and commenting. We’re grateful to the top-notch network of sources we turn to for accurate information, and we’re also thankful for our fearless freelancers. And we cannot forget the horses themselves, that inspire us to keep learning and getting useful information about horse health out there for people to read.

Because our Facebook fans are so passionate and excited about their horses and providing them excellent care—and since we know they’re out in the industry making an impact already--the marketing team made a great suggestion that, instead of giving a single prize, we ask our fans to volunteer 100,000 minutes of their upcoming time to a horse industry activity and record it.

I’ll save you the Google: That’s 1,666 hours and 40 minutes.

I know many of you already volunteer on a regular basis, and I’m thrilled to offer you an opportunity to be recognized for your upcoming service and encourage others to volunteer. For others, this might just be the stimulus that you need to get out there and find a place to volunteer your time!

Record your future volunteer hours with the convenient tool, and once you hit “submit,” you’ll be able to share your service with your friends and followers on social media platforms.

I’ll be the first to admit that I took a little break from volunteering hands-on in the industry, aside from some advisory board commitments related to my editing. But in January I plugged back in to United States Pony Clubs and spoke to some of their high-achieving members. Then, in February, I began volunteering at the Lexington Mounted Police again, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the warm-fuzzy feeling that comes with watching the officers learn. (And the warm-fuzzy feeling I get when two of the largest horses in the force eagerly search my pockets for any sign of a peppermint!)

On April 9, team will be heading out to the Kentucky Equine Humane Center for a group volunteer activity.

What will your volunteer activity be?

100,00 minutes? We’ve got this. The only question is how quickly we’ll reach the milestone!

Please note: We're trying to let as many people as possible participate, so please only log service time that you complete from this point forward. The form is designed to be completed after each time you volunteer and you can complete it multiple times. The goal is to help horses and charities in the horse industry--and get new volunteers out there to help horses--and log those 100K minutes moving forward! Keep up the good work!