In a few days things will begin to look a little different around here. Our team has redesigned the look of based on feedback from you, our faithful users, and on the growing number of multimedia resources we’ve added to our mix and will continue to add.

These changes will impact the way you navigate and absorb the rich, in-depth veterinarian-approved, horse health care information you already love and trust.

The redesigned website provides:

  • A format designed with today’s user in mind. You’ll be able to navigate around the redesigned site in a more intuitive way, both on your computer and on your mobile device. The registration and sign-in process are more streamlined, to boot.
  • If you’re a registered user of, a variety of multimedia features, including podcasts, slideshows, PDFs, premium video content, will be at your fingertips.
  • Improved site navigation that better handles the broad range of content we offer and will help you find new offerings, event coverage, and premium content based on your interests as you browse the site. No laborious digging required. And we’ve set it up so that as we roll out more and more features, the site continues growing with them.
  • Stronger grouping of media types by topic, so that you’re more easily able to find articles, podcasts, and vivid imagery all related to the topic you’re researching. Take skin conditions, for example—you’ll be able to access a slideshow, podcast, and a variety of articles all from one landing page. All of this information will be served up in a much more intuitive way.
  • Featured articles and other content per subject, preselected by the editors of The Horse. We’ve combed through our archived articles to highlight timeless content per topic, and we’ll continue to add new, relevant material to the topic pages.
  • Last, but not least, a fresh, clean new look that I think you're going to love. The site’s new "sliders" highlight our imagery; and whether it’s an attractive barn area or a fascinating close-up of a horse’s jaw wired together (Yes, our photos have some shock and awe value sometimes, but if there’s a way to help you visualize a disease condition or a study process, we try to show it!) Bottom line, everyone loves a slick, pretty web site.
new site design
Just a small sneak peek of the new look coming soon.

Chief and Sulli, members of my family’s herd for 14 and 16 years respectively, aren’t strangers to change. This father-and-son Miniature Horse pair has been exposed to countless types of scenery (think middle school classroom, household foyer, and TV room) over the years, whether in hand, turned out, or in harness. Just as you’ve probably done at your own farm, my family moves stuff around in the Minis’ pasture—whether training aids or rotational grazing temporary fencing. In response Chief and Sulli might gallop about for a few minutes, tiny legs moving like sewing machine needles, ogling the change of scenery.

Like Chief and Sulli, you’ll certainly notice the changes in our “pasture,” ones that will benefit you and your user experience. And like this dynamic duo, I know you’ll heave a big sigh of relief, settle in, and enjoy your new surroundings. Though you might not begin munching grass as they would, we at The Horse imagine you clicking happily away at the team’s handiwork. Everyone here, from the programmers, producers, and artists to the editors, marketing pros, and ad sales team, hope you enjoy it!