Horse Sense (and Sensibility)

June 2011 - Posts

A Clean Slate

When was the last time you cleaned out your barn's medicine cabinet? Expired and/or improperly stored medications might not work as intended.... Read More

Making Strides

"Oh, you again," the big gray gelding's eyes seemed to say with a huge sigh of resignation. I was retrieving Bacchus, a mellow, retired Belgian/Quarter Horse-cross gelding, from his paddock for a session of his twice-daily therapy--the old guy had a reinjured tendon, and we followed a morning and evening ritual of retrieving, tying to hitching post, cold-hosing the bow, drying off leg, applying medication... Read More

About This Blog

Here's a chance to interface with the editorial team of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care/ Stephanie L. Church, editor-in-chief of The Horse, posts items here that are relevant to horse health and issues in the industry that affect the equine animals we love. Whether you agree or disagree with the concepts she discusses, please keep your comments in good taste--that's all we ask! Also please remember that we cannot provide veterinary advice and will defer specific veterinary questions to your chosen equine practitioner.