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Kip Deville. Barbaro. Secretariat. All were champions, and all share the lamentable status of having eventually succumbed to an illness that haunts all horse owners: laminitis. Whether we've lost one of our own horses to the insidious disease, or whether we've ached for the caretakers, veterinarians, and brave horses that have battled it for months at a time, exhausting every treatment option, laminitis... Read More

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Avoiding Equine Disease Outbreaks

One of the remarkable things about caring for horses is that we can sometimes prevent the Really Bad Stuff from happening, horse-health-wise, with some responsible practices. The importance of sound biosecurity comes to my attention on a fairly regular basis, just because there are so many little nasty bugs rolling around, waiting to take hold in our horses. If our horses rarely leave the farm, and... Read More

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