Horse Sense (and Sensibility)

July 2010 - Posts

Horse Hope?

Each of us has encountered a horse that has had the proverbial hard-knock life. You or a fellow owner might have spotted the horse with overgrown hooves curled up to his cannon bones attempting to walk on his pasterns across a pasture. Or perhaps one was standing, emaciated, in a backyard alongside 40 other horses with no hay or water in sight. The horse you know might just be one in danger of falling... Read More

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Here's a chance to interface with the editorial team of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care/ Stephanie L. Church, editor-in-chief of The Horse, posts items here that are relevant to horse health and issues in the industry that affect the equine animals we love. Whether you agree or disagree with the concepts she discusses, please keep your comments in good taste--that's all we ask! Also please remember that we cannot provide veterinary advice and will defer specific veterinary questions to your chosen equine practitioner.