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Political Ponies

One New Mexico town traded in its "politics as usual" experience for one of a different, more furry nature, when voting for its first "Pet Mayor."... Read More

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WHN Update: "Train Pony" Surprises New Owner

Back in May, we told you about a British man who purchased two tickets for the local train ... one for him and one for his pony. Well, the pony recently gave her new owner a tiny painted surprise.... Read More

A (Patriotic) Day at the Races

The tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks was observed in an unsuspecting--and completely unplanned--manner at one New York racetrack. ... Read More

Just Another Friday Night ...

Police in a small coastal Texas town received a call mid-afternoon about someone riding a horse down a main road near Stewart Elementary School. Investigating officials believe the boy "probably just saw a horse, and for a lack of a better term, took it for a joy ride."... Read More

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Feeling Cuckoo for Pony Blood

One French artist takes connecting her horse to the extreme, by injecting herself with horse blood plasma for a performance act that included a live demonstration and a "communication ritual" with the donor horse. Cuckoo?... Read More

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"My Colorblind Horse Fred is to Blame..."

Especially in the performance horse world, many horse owners have occasionally placed the blame on their horse--deservedly so or not--for an inadvertent mishap that caused a few lost points or even a blue ribbon. But I'm pretty certain that not many horse owners would blame their horse for running a red light.... Read More

Learning the Hard Way

Lessons are learned the hard way when owners find their horse in the basement and a veterinarian is rescued from under his patient.... Read More

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A Lucky Break

A driver in Germany recently got a lucky break of his own thanks to an escaped equine on a mission during rush hour. ... Read More

A Smattering of the Horsey Weird

A collection of odd findings related to the equine world: a horseshoe light bulb, horse hoof boots for humans, and a jousting casting call.... Read More

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Along Came Prince Charming...

Author Bern Williams once said, "If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance." That's right ... it's summer and the general consensus is that the warmest season of the year is a great time to find or further love in one's life. Unfortunately for a poor sap in Poland, the stunt he pulled one June night very well could prevent him from finding that loving feeling any time soon.

... Read More

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