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Equines Dressed to the Nines

The equine bodysuit doesn't just make its bearer look dashing, it's designed to help horses recover better after a strenuous workout. ... Read More

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How Many Robotic Animals Do We Need?

A creepy, headless robo-cheetah is added to the ranks of possible useless research funds that could have been used in other ways.... Read More

Some Real Horsepower at the Car Auction

You wouldn't expect to have the opportunity to purchase a racehorse at a car auction, would you?... Read More

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Horses and Super Bowl Commercials

Some of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials have involved horses. Here is a retrospective of some favorite horsey ads.... Read More

Goodbye Eeyore--The World's Oldest Donkey Passes

Eeyore, 55 years young, was thought to be the world's oldest donkey before his death earlier this month. We raise our glasses to his passing and the passing of elder equids close to our hearts.... Read More

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A Humble (Horsey) Abode

There are many people out there who would do anything for their horses. I like to consider myself one of those people, but I'm not certain I'd go as far as one woman did for her horse.... Read More

Living Skeletons

Imagine your surprise when you enter a museum and walk under a rearing horse skeleton. Is it Halloween? No, just curators of an equine exhibit have simply gone all out.... Read More

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A Bucket List Blunder

How far would you go to check everything off your bucket list? An 80-year-old Russian woman made the news recently after stealing a horse, all in the name of completing her bucket list.... Read More

Texting While Driving … A Carriage

Should carriage drivers be required to follow the same rules of the road as automobile drivers when it comes to cell phones?... Read More

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Happy Horsey Halloween!

Halloween is one of the few times each year when many adults transform into big kids, including me. The concept of dressing up as alter egos and scaring the pants off anyone available is just something we can't pass up!... Read More

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