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Missing Unicorns or Missing Sanity?

If you're in the Boston area, you might want to check the alleys and behind trash cans for a very friendly unicorn who has gone missing.... Read More

Making the Book: 2013 Guinness World Records

Guinness recently announced the newest world record holders. Here is just a sampling of the equine-related world records.... Read More

Donkeys Gone High-Tech

Old-world transportation meets new-age technology in Israel to give tourists the ultimate experience.... Read More

Illegal Horse Castrations in New Zealand

This week posted an article about illegal horse castrations in New Zealand. Not surprisingly, snickers rose from around the building and everyone wondered, "Who does that?"... Read More

Stephen Colbert Tackles Dressage in the Saddle

Comedian/journalist Stephen Colbert learns about the "Sport of the Summer" in the saddle from U.S. Olympic Dressage Team Coach Michael Barisone.... Read More

U.S. Dressage's Newest Fan

The Colbert Nation has named Dressage as the "Sport of the Summer" thanks to one presidential candidate's step onto the 2012 London Summer Olympics stage.... Read More

Horses Doing Good ... In Their Own Way

Two different stories of two different horses doing good in their own equine way. One saved an actor and the other saved a fawn.... Read More

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Celebrating The Horse in Turkmenistan

Kentucky isn't the only place where horses are celebrated for their speed. Turkmenistan celebrated the Turkmen Racing Horse Festival last weekend.... Read More

Running for a (Horsey) Cause

Members of the British horse world are running for a cause as they take part in the London Marathon in the name of numerous equine charities.... Read More

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(Not) All In Good Fun

Yet another story about riding horses while under the influence of alcohol, only this time there's an unhappy ending.... Read More

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