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Dance Party Pony

Who doesn't love furry, sassy ponies and songs that last a lifetime? How about a sassy, chubby Shetland moonwalking across the U.K.?... Read More

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Houdini Horse

No latch can keep Mariska the Friesian in her place at her Michigan barn.... Read More

Musical Horses

The Grammys forgot to award the Best Equine Compilation awards last night, and with two front-runners, they can't go unmentioned.... Read More

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Burglars Busted by Braying Burro

A donkey tries to save himself from becoming an accessory to burglary by alerting the police to a crime, causing the thieves to abandon their wares (and stolen donkey) to flee.... Read More

Off to the (Zebra) Races

Looking for exotic action? This Friday a racetrack in New Orleans hosts zebra races--not your typical horse race.... Read More

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Unicorns in North Korea?

It's amazing how mainstream the unicorn has gotten lately--now North Korea is claiming the find of a unicorn lair.... Read More

A Medley of Weird Horse News

We're back in the saddle at Weird Horse News and to catch up on things, I've put together a little medley of stories popping up here and there.... Read More

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Equids on Parade

Having horses in a parade can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing...... Read More

Flying Manure!

Could horse manure be the latest trend for protesters? It is environmentally, and economically, friendly...... Read More

Impatient Much?

A confusing scene as a horse owner loses patience while checking out of a large horse show, causing police to search for a horse trailer with 11 horses in Ohio.... Read More

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