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Equasy? ... Srsly?

Professor David Nutt, the UK's chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs was trying to make a point about the relative harms of drug use and how they can be equated with risks we take in other areas of life when he penned a recent article in the Journal of Psychopharmacoloy. Professor Nutt (yes, really), decided to equate an addiction to horse riding with the use of Ecstasy. He calls... Read More

Of Horses and Hitmen

Horses (and estranged wives) in Scottdale, Pa., can breathe a sigh of relief, as resident Joseph Mendicino pleaded guilty Friday to charges that he: "took out a contract on his estranged wife's horses and tried to have her run off the road for testifying against him during a hearing in November," according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review . The story behind this is incredible--they report... Read More

Feathered Friends

In case you missed them, here are the Top 10 Super Bowl Ads , including three featuring the Budweiser Clydesdales. And for a behind-the-scenes look at the Budweiser Clydesdales check out the article Larger Than Life: The Budweiser Clydesdales . Here's an excerpt: The time required to train Clydesdales to star in commercials varies depending on the roles producers want the horses to play. Generally... Read More

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Under the Influence

Two stories caught my eye today. Both were exceptional little gems in their own right, but work even better in tandem. Today's theme: riding while intoxicated. We've all heard the stories about good ol' plow horses that would stand patiently for hours outside the pub and then take their masters home when they finally came stumbling out after one or ten too many pints of Guinness. Charming... Read More

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Transport Troubles

We hear stories pretty frequently about horses running loose in places they shouldn't be, but a story reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel adds a new twist. Milwaukee police corralled a horse running loose on and near the Marquette University campus earlier this week. But here's the thing--the horse had been in a trailer hauled by a man who dropped his girlfriend off at Marquette. At... Read More

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The Creepy Headless Donkey Machine

Another one from the files of "Gee-I-wish-I-had-a-weird-news-blog." Last March, I stumbled on a blog post from Wired entitled " Science Creates Creepy Headless Donkey Machine ." How can you not click on a headline like that? Gist being, the folks at Boston Dynamics created a big robotic pack animal--a robot critter that can climb hills, navigate icy surfaces, jump, and run (and... Read More

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Peer Pressure

Okay, okay. I'll talk about the mare in West Virginia who somehow wedged her head into a tree trunk . This happened back in October 2008. For some reason, the UK's Telegraph picked it up, and this story went absolutely viral. It was EVERYWHERE. Including my inbox. Ad nauseum. I didn't feel right picking it up for primetime play on as I couldn't get a good handle on who... Read More

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Do You Have a Permit for that Zebra?

Two Zebras formerly living outside of Atlanta, Ga., have been relocated to a zoo after authorities discovered that their owners did not have the proper permits to keep the animals, according to an Associated Press story. What's weird about that? Well, the Zebras came to officials' attention after one, named Barcode (love it), was found wandering the halls of a campus building at Emory University... Read More

Welcome to Weird

Weird things happen to horses. Horses are big. They're curious. They eat things they shouldn't. Many of them live in areas nature never intended for them to be, often with other species they weren't intended to mix with. People use them to perform tasks they weren't designed to do. Roll all of this up, and weird things happen to horses. And, because they're considered fairly exotic animals by the majority... Read More

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