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A New Meaning to 'Paint Horse'

One German horse owner paints zebra stripes on her horses to repel flies.... Read More

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Pick on Someone Your Own Size

A man punches a police horse after officers try to disperse a crowd. ... Read More

Blow Me One Last Kiss

A Saudi wife smooching a favorite Arabian horse results in divorce from her jealous husband.... Read More

Warning: The Dangers of Drinking and Riding

Is Whisky to blame for turning people into 'one-armed paper hangers'? Whisky, the horse, I mean. ... Read More

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The Horses Aren't All Right (Or Maybe It's the Humans)

In what outwardly appears to be unrelated incidents, two horses revealed their independent sides this summer, rebelling against the rules of society.... Read More

The Sign Didn't Say 'No Horses'

An owner gets in trouble for doing some shopping with his Shetland and leaving behind more than his cash.... Read More

Horse Show Gone to the ... Alligators?

What happens when your horse show stall is already an alligator?... Read More

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Mystery Stud

What if one day you head out to your farm to find not one but two foals on the ground next to mares you didn't breed last year?... Read More

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Police Horses are not Punching Bags

Taking your frustrations out on any police officer isn't the best idea, especially if that police officer has four hooves and a tail.... Read More

Horses on the Train!

New York's Grand Central Station has gone to the horses.... Read More

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