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Mystery Stud

What if one day you head out to your farm to find not one but two foals on the ground next to mares you didn't breed last year?...

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Hit The Road, Jack

In addition to my OTTB eventer Dorado, I am the proud owner of an American Warmblood mare named Sadie. I got her shortly after her fifth birthday when I was still a freshman in high school ... the fact that she is now 14 and I now have a full-time office job makes me feel old every time I think about it! Sadie is very opinionated about trailering. Sadie's a nice girl. She's got great conformation,...

Saved by the....Horse??

This is an interesting story found by one of our freelancers, Tracy Gantz, and while it may not fit our content on , it certainly fits the content in this blog! Teen Uses Horse to Escape Abduction A teen-aged girl in Australia escaped on horseback from two men trying to abduct her, according to a report on She was on her horse when the incident occurred, and she was able to...

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Ladies' Choice

This year marks the fifth anniversary of March to the Arch, an AQHA event featuring cross dressing, micro-piglets , and more--all for a good cause. AQHA's America's Horse Daily reports the show has raised more than $120,000 over the years, supporting research by the American Cancer Society and the University of Oklahoma Cancer Institute. Funds raised this year--the total's not yet known--will go to...

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A sturdy pony has been credited with helping caretakers attend to animals stranded in a recent Virginia snowstorm. Half a dozen donkeys and llamas were stranded in a lower shed at Leesburg Animal Park, Leesburg Today reported. The animals had hay but no water. Staff members tried to use a tractor to reach them, but the machine became stuck in deep drifts of snow. Resigned, they started slowly digging...

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Artax! Artax!

It seems this season gives many horses a sinking feeling. Whether sinkholes or mud, early spring is always a busy time for large animal rescue teams. Rescuers in Woodbine, Md., worked for more than five hours yesterday afternoon to extricate a 30-year-old Appaloosa from a 12-foot-deep sinkhole, WJLA reported . A public information officer told The Frederick News Post the horse landed under an unstable...

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