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Off to the (Zebra) Races

Looking for exotic action? This Friday a racetrack in New Orleans hosts zebra races--not your typical horse race....

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Mischievous Marsupials Halt Races in Australia

There's an old adage that says, "Horses are scared of two things: things that move, and things that don't." While some horses are slightly less spooky than others, this phrase probably describes the majority of the equine population at one time or another. Take Dorado, my fairly level-headed eventer, for example. In reality, he doesn't spook at much. He raced for four years, and is quite well-travelled...

One Smooth Ride

Just how tough are jockeys nowadays? Sure they may suffer some broken bones every once in a while, but can they handle something most women endure on a regular basis? Steeplechase jockeys in the United Kingdom chose a unique way to raise funds for their Injured Jockeys Fund: waxing their legs. Horse and Hound UK reports 10 jockeys joined together after a race at Cottenham racecourse near Cambridge...

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