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Let Me Help You With That

We all know the routine: The sun is out, temperatures warming up, and the days are getting longer. It's time to think summer, and as we start to shed our winter wear, so do our horses--it’s shedding season. To me, shedding season means hours spent at the barn getting the ultimate upper body workout with curry combs and shedding blades, trying to get those last bits of dull winter hair off my horses...

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Spring Fever

Within the office collection of blogs, there's a gem called "Tracking Barbaro's Brothers." This blog by coworker Amanda follows the progress of Barbaro's little brothers, Nicanor and Lentenor (and their sire, dam, and soon-to-be-born sibling). While it might seem far away from's usual fare, the blog is actually produced just across the office cubicle...

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