I’m sure you've been there a time or two--you just got done spending a long, hot day at a horse show (or trail ride) and you want to partake in your favorite adult beverage. But, alas, you don’t have any in the cooler, so you decide to swing by a liquor store on the way home so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own couch.

And maybe you want your favorite equid to enjoy some liquid refreshment as well. Afterall, Zenyatta had her daily Guiness, so maybe Trigger might like some as well. But how can you tell? Perhaps this liquor store is giving free samples--that'd be the cheapest way to see if your horse likes the flavor of the week. So why not bring him along with you as you peruse the aisles?

At least, this is what I'm guessing was going through the head of 51-year-old William Saviano in Warren, R.I., earlier this week. Saviano stopped by a liquor store on his way home from a show and decided to bring his Shetland pony with him to shop around. Saviano pointed out that while there was a sign posted that said no dogs or cats were allowed, there was nothing about no horses being allowed inside the store. Valid point. Saviano 1, liquor store 0.

But then the pony decides to leave a little bit of himself behind. As evidenced in the surveillance video posted by Boston.com, the chestnut shows his dislike for a certain vintage by leaving his own. Saviano refused to clean it up. Responsible owner fail. Liquor store 1, Saviano 1.

The owner calling the police impresses me, and then the police bringing Savaino back to clean up the mess. There's nothing that says he was charged with anything, but just the matter of inconveniencing him from his liquid respite is punishment enough for his inconsiderateness. Justice win. Police 1, liquore store 1, Saviano 1.

So who's the winner? I’d have to say the liquor store, after they posted a new sign on the door that now says "No dogs, cats, or horses allowed inside." Tie breaker-liquor store.

Where would you like to take your horse shopping?