Who doesn't love a parade? Well, some would argue that, perhaps, horses don't ... or those that have to follow behind the horses on the parade route with shovels and manure buckets ... but I digress. Parades bring the community together, in one way or another.

Don't Strike up the Band!
Horses in Bedford, Pa., were spooked during a Christmas parade and tree lighting when a band near the horse-drawn sleigh started to play. Unfortunately, the sleigh, pulled by a pair of horses, was also carrying the big man himself--Santa Claus--and his wife, Mrs. Claus.

The driver was injured (though the injuries were not life-threatening) when he was trapped in the overturned sleigh and dragged for several hundred yards. Mr. and Mrs. Claus, to the delight of surrounding children, jumped out of the doomed sleigh after a town official was able to slow the scared horses down.

There's no word if the horses were injured, but this proves a point: Do not place bands near horses.

Growing up, I'd ride in Christmas parades for our local horsemen's club on my trusty, fluffy white pony. We made sure our placement was well ahead and behind the local school marching bands. I'm proud to say we never had any big incidents during our parade days, but my pony never did appreciate the costumes I'd make her wear.

A Parade of the Odd Kind
Last week I saw video of a "mini parade" of sorts--a Miniature Horse and zebra were caught on video as they trotted along a street on Staten Island. But they apparently weren't the only ones in the parade, as two men in suits were later seen chasing the pair with lassos.

The pair was fortunate to not be hit by cars, as you can see in the video. News reports say the Miniature Horse is the smart one of the two, as he has figured out how to open his pen--and that of the zebra--for multiple escapes from their owner's home. (Methinks it's time to reinforce that lock.)

Share your odd parade stories with us.