Imagine you're the Prince of Wales touring New Zealand to celebrate your mother's 60-year reign and you hear that someone was threatening you with manure. No, not something like what you would read in the tabloids, but actual horse manure.

manure buckets

Manure: The latest tool for protests.
Photo by Stephanie L. Church

Today (Tuesday), a 76-year-old man by the name of Castislac "Sam" Bacanov pleaded not guilty in court in Auckland, New Zealand. His charge was "planning a crime in a public place." His (alleged) plan was to throw a bucket of horse manure over Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall. He was discovered with a bucket when officers were checking the area before the Brits' arrival.

Officials claim the couple had not arrived when Bacanov was arrested, so they faced no immediate danger.

It makes me wonder what made Bacanov choose horse manure as a weapon? Perhaps he didn't want to hurt the couple, rather just make them stink for a while? Or maybe he was just trying to promote using compost in your backyards for the locals?

According to The Telegraph, Bacanov was protesting the use of taxpayers' money to pay for the royal visit. "Who pays when they come here? Us. Did they ask you and me for dollar? No. They just come and take it," he said outside of court on Tuesday.

I don't think the poop-thrower will take things lightly while the royals are in town. "I hope I'll be successful next time," he told the Telegraph. "They deserve a buck of ---."

Maybe manure throwing is the next big protest? Surely it's better for the environment than lighting fires or throwing tomatoes (and less wasteful, too)?