News Alert: "The Sport of Summer 2012" has officially been named. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself to join the Colbert Nation in cheering on Team U.S.A. in Dressage at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

On Tuesday’s episode of the "Colbert Report," comedian/news anchor Stephen Colbert made his declaration for his annual "Sport of the Summer" as Dressage, thanks in part to Republication presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

What does Romney have to do with Dressage and the U.S. Olympic Team? His wife, Ann, is a co-owner of Rafalca--the newest member of the Dressage team headed to London next month. In 2006 the Romneys purchased, along with Beth Meyer and Amy Ebeling, the 1997 Oldenburg mare for professional rider Jan Ebeling, who is also Ann Romney’s coach, presumably with the intent to qualify for the Olympics.

Apparently the inclusion of the presidential hopeful has spurred extra attention to a sport known for its high-dollar horses and events. Colbert pokes fun of the event saying, "This is exactly what Romney needs…he has trouble relating to 'Joe Sixpack'…" He calls Romney an average blue-collar fan of Dressage, or "horse ballet" as some call it (Dressage fans—what are your thoughts on this phrase?).

Mitt is not a quiet owner, however, as he likes to help choose the music for the Freestyle portion of the test. For the 2012 World Cup, he selected music from the “Rain Man” soundtrack.

To counterpunch Colbert's first mention of Dressage, hinting at the fact that those in the Dressage world are not "Joe Sixpack," the event coordinators of the trials in Gladstone, N.J., made the finals more of a fan event than one would think of a Grand Prix Dressage final. Red foam fingers (mimicking the one used by Colbert) proclaiming "Dressage #1" were passed out to spectators, along with cold bottles of Budweiser for the of-age crowd. Ebeling even got into the spirit after finishing third, joining a group photo with his own foam finger still astride Rafalca. The mare was either excited about the sentiment or would have preferred a little less "Joe Sixpack"; she danced under Ebeling much of the time the pair posed with the spectators.

Now all eyes are turning from Gladstone to London next month, and who knows where this three-ring circus might go with the Romneys, Rafalca, Colbert, and the rest of the United States Equestrian Team. But one thing's for sure, Dressage hitting primetime with Colbert means hopefully more of a spotlight on what is probably our favorite sport of the Olympics.