I have two different stories to share of two different horses doing good in their own equine way. One saved an actor and the other saved a fawn.

A Four-Legged GPS

In May actor James Franco was working on the set of his latest movie in West Virginia when he was discovered to be missing. The actor had borrowed a horse from the movie Child of God to go on a leisurely ride, but after three hours he still hadn't returned.

Just before search parties were about to set off to find the 34-year-old actor, he returned to the set claiming it was his horse who found the way back. "I've been wandering around for hours," Franco told reporters. "If it wasn't for this horse, I'd still be lost."

Here's hoping his steed (who was unnamed in the article) gets a big credit spot at the end of the movie.

Be My Baby

A horse in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, won't be seeing his name on the big screen, but he has garnered a lot of attention for saving an orphaned fawn over the winter.

A father and daughter drove past a field and saw a herd of horses grazing one day with one out of place character in the middle. A young deer is believed to have lost its mother last July and somehow came upon the horse herd and was immediately adopted.

Hope Swinimer, a wildlife refuge manager, commented about the odd pairing, telling CBC News that since both are herd animals, it made sense to see the group together. "Through my experience, every living thing needs to bond with something, so if [the fawn's] mother isn't there, it's going to find some other species to bond with," said Swinimer.

Swinimer also said that while it's good to see the fawn find a home with the horses, the ideal situation would be finding other deer for the fawn to make a home with.

So what do you think of our two stories: Are you surprised James Franco's horse was able to find their way back to the movie set? Have you see an odd pairing like a deer with a horse?