Kentucky isn't the only place where horses are celebrated for their speed. In Turkmenistan the Turkmen Racing Horse Festival is a celebration for horsemen of all ages, which takes place on the last Sunday of April. Turkmenistan is known for the Akhal-Teke horses and its ancient tradition of horse racing and riding.

President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedoy, who also is a writer, published a book about horses. Excitement for the annual festival was built up a week before the event with daily poems published in the state newspaper on the front page glorifying his favorite horses written by the 54-year-old president. Full-color photographs accompanied each poem.

The festival was kicked off with a "Most Beautiful Horse of the Year" contest--an equine beauty pageant. The finalists are turned out for judging wearing traditional bridles and a coat that requires sunglasses.

President Berdymukhamedov hosted the second edition of the contest with 10 horses vying for the prize, according to KDFW FOX4 in Dallas, Texas. The winner this year was a Thoroughbred stallion named Khan of the Eagles.

It's great to hear about how other countries celebrate our favorite four-hooved animal.

Have you heard of other countries celebrating the horse in such grand fashion?