London Marathon
Over the winter I have been training for my very first half marathon (13.1 miles), which I am running April 28 in Louisville, Ky., as part of the Kentucky Derby Festival. I'm really excited and have gone through many miles of tough hills and lots of sweat, but I'm ready for it. Of course, my accomplishment of 13.1 miles can only be eclipsed by the runners in the London Marathon (26.2 miles), which will be run this weekend, April 22, in England.

Horse & Hound posted an article about some marathoners running in the event for a cause we can all relate to--horses. What a great idea!

Thirteen runners will be running for Racing Welfare, including horse trainer George Baker (how did he have the time to train himself and horses??), jockeys Nlall Halley and Will Pettis, jockey valet Andrew Hardacre, and a few from Hacombe Stud, among others. Other runners will be representing World Horse Welfare, Countryside Alliance, The Animal Health Trust, Riding for The Disabled Association, as well as three members from the World Society for Protection of Animals' veterinarian clinic.

It's a great idea to combine two very passionate sports--running and equestrian--and it's a great way to show that equestrians are athletes that can do more than just "sit astride a horse."

Have you ever used another sport/event to promote the horse industry and/or horse welfare? If so, please share!