I know we've covered this topic many times, but I just can't help discussing it when we see more news stories about people under the influence of alcohol riding horses through the streets. Unfortunately, unlike some of the other ones we've discussed, this story has an unhappy ending.

Dateline: Elizabethtown, Ky. Two men in their 20s were riding their horses along a side road around 8:30 at night when an oncoming vehicle hit both horses and riders. One horse was injured and the other was killed, while the two men escaped with only minor injuries. The injured horse was taken to a nearby farm for veterinarian care and is expected to make a full recovery.

Both men were cited for DUIs (one was only 20), but the driver that hit the horses was not charged.

Of course there's anger towards the two men who were riding their horses in the dark, drunk, along what might have been a busy road. Because of their "joyride" a horse was killed. They're lucky the other horse will make a full recovery, and that there weren't any more serious injuries to the driver or themselves.

A few of the readers on the news website expressed concern that the driver of the vehicle was not charged with anything, and they have a valid point. I understand that it was dark and, therefore, hard to see horses along the road, but how fast was the driver going? His headlights should have been on, which would have shown the pair of horses walking on the road.

Don't think I feel the riders aren't the ones in the wrong--they are. But, there has to be a bit of a share of the blame with the driver as well.

I know we joked about the Montana designated driver commercial last year, but to be completely honest, it's putting your horse in danger if you're riding it while intoxicated on a dark street (or any street, for that matter). Just don't do it.

What are your thoughts of the whole incident? Should the driver of the car be charged as well? Should the two riders be charged with more than just driving under the influence?