My horse Dorado and I have a slight difference of opinion of how dirty he should be when he comes in from the field to go riding every day. I can deal with a few little patches of dirt here and there, but I'd prefer he stay mostly clean to minimize the time it takes to prepare for a ride--especially when I'm trying to get a good work in before the sun sets. He, on the other hand, thinks he should be as dirty as humanly (or equine-ly?) possible. At all times. Needless to say, my opinion doesn't much matter in this situation, so I push up my sleeves and get to work scrubbing him clean. Every day.

Imagine my excitement when I opened a news story and saw a horse wearing an almost full-bodysuit. I must admit I didn't even stop to read the article before deciding to save my pennies for one in yet another attempt to keep my horse clean between rides. Yes...this invention was going to make life so much easier!

Well, as you might have guessed by now, the body suit definitely wasn't designed to keep horses clean between works. In fact, its real purpose might even be cooler than an equine body glove. According to the article posted on, this equine body suit is actually, essentially, a mobile compression chamber to help horses recover after strenuous exercise.

"They are designed to aid recovery, help with muscle fatigue," Australian horse trainer John McNair explained in the MyFoxDC article. "We have been using them on (Australian champion racehorse) Hay List for a couple of weeks now and it makes a huge difference."

And as my Weird Horse News co-author and avid runner Megan pointed out, this body suit seems pretty similar to the compression socks and pants that some human athletes wear post-workout to help with stimulate blood flow and helping legs recover faster from strenuous exercise.

Pretty cool if you ask me! And if I had the nearly $950 lying around I'd be tempted to try one out for Dorado--not to keep him clean, but to see if it helps in keeping the old man going.

Would you try or use a bizarre-looking treatment modality if it meant your horse could do the extra mile?