It was big news in Manchester (England) a couple of weeks ago when Eeyore the donkey passed away. He would have been 56-years-old this year--thought to be the world's oldest donkey.

His owner, Selwyn Demmy, was phsylogical about Eeyore's passing, telling the Manchester Evening News, "It comes to us all--as night follows day, age follows youth and death follows life."

The aged gray donkey was living his life out at on Demmy's farm, Hunter's Moon, in Mottram St. Andrew, in Cheshire, England. He befriended a llama named Buttons, and the two were often seen cuddling with each other or even eating out of the same feeder. Unlike his namesake from the popular children's books, Eeyore had been living a happy life with Buttons and the other donkeys at Hunter's Moon, including Muscle, who is now the patriarch of the farm: a spring chicken at the age of 30.

Eeyore's death was sudden and unexpected, especially after checking out strong with the veterinarian at his last check-up. On Jan. 12, Eeyore lay down and wouldn't get back up. Demmy knew it was time.

It's amazing how some animals can be so stoic and so strong for many years. We raise our glass to Eeyore, and all the other elder equids that grace our lives everyday!

Who do you raise your glass to?