As I'm sure you're well aware, there are people out there who would do anything for their horses. Maybe you're one of them. I like to consider myself one of those people as well; I think I drive my boyfriend crazy at times shopping in the value food section and using copious amounts of coupons so Dorado can have his teeth floated on schedule.

A Humble (Horsey) Abode

A home for a horse?

But I'm not sure I would go as far as the lady in one news report from The Daily Record. After a disagreement with some neighbors, the report says, Stornoway on Lewis, Scotland, resident Stephanie Noble has a new roommate--her 3-year-old Connemara filly, Grey Lady Too.

The report explained that Noble purchased the pony in September 2011 and has had trouble ever since finding a place to house the filly. After a few ill-fated attempts at finding stables or pastures for the pony, Noble decided to renovate a part of her home and move Grey Lady Too in with her.

The living room in Noble's small house is now a horse stall, complete with bedding and cat litter to help absorb the filly's urine. Another room is filled with necessary equipment, and yet another serves as the feed room. In the article Noble said she's currently living in "one small bedroom upstairs."

What's the legality on keeping a horse in a house? According to the report, it's completely legal.

"A spokesman for Western Isles Council said Stephanie was free to do as she pleased on her own property as long as no issues of public safety or hygiene arose," the report read, adding that the council generally does not encourage people to keep horses in houses.

The photos accompanying the report show Grey Lady Too's stall and the surrounding rooms. I must say, though, that the pony looks to be in great shape physically...props to Ms. Noble.

So there you have it: A horse in a house and a very happy owner. But this begs the question: Would you ever consider bringing your horse into your house if there were no other options? How far would you go to keep your four-legged family member?

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