Back in 2007, a movie called The Bucket List hit theatres and people from all over the world were introduced--or reintroduced--to the concept of creating a list of things you want to accomplish before you, well, kick the bucket.

While some people make their lists and hope they'll be able accomplish at least a chunk of it in their lifetime, others will stop at nothing to check off every item on their list. Take, for example, an 80-year-old Russian woman who made the news recently after stealing a horse, all in the name of completing her bucket list.

Bucket List Blunder

Item 37--Steal and ride a horse...

According to, horseback riding was one of the items on Agrafena Vasilyevna's bucket list. She'd apparently wanted to ride a horse her entire life, but had never been granted the opportunity. So rather than wait for the chance to arise, she took matters into her own hands.

Vasilyevna reportedly took a horse belonging to her neighbor, Igor Vasilev, from his stable and hopped on, carrying out her life-long dream. Unfortunately, when she returned with the animal, the police were waiting to question her.

It doesn't appear that charges were filed in the incident, however Vasilyevna was quoted as saying, "(The cops) told me off but it was worth it. I've fulfilled a dream I've had since childhood and I was running out of time. I've got a few more things on my list so people should stand by to be shocked."

While I wish Ms. Vasilyevna the best of luck in completing her bucket list (and I can't think of a reason why she wouldn't!), I hope no more horses are stolen in the process! On a side note, this is the second horse theft featured in WHN in the past few months (read about the first one here)--please leave the equines where they belong, folks!

This story got me thinking about my own bucket list. While it's no where near completed yet, I can tell you one item on it: Get my mare Sadie to load in a trailer. If you know Sadie, you'll understand the challenges that await me!

What's on your horsey bucket list? Share your hopes and dreams below!