We all know that texting while driving your car is a dangerous habit and, in some places, against the law (as it is here in Kentucky). It’s scary to think about a driver taking his eyes off the wheel and losing at least 50% of his concentration while behind the wheel--you never know what might happen in a split second.

Going from texting while driving at 55 miles per hour to texting while driving at 5 miles per hour might be a dramatic shift … especially if the vehicle you’re driving at such a slow speed actually only has the horsepower of one--one horse pulling a carriage, that is.

Some Montreal carriage drivers are on the hot seat after a local news cameraman captured them in the act of using their cell phones while maneuvering through the city streets, according to News Canada.

The president of the local horsemen’s association is against ticketing carriage drivers for being on their phones while driving, insisting that it’s different than driving a car because, "the horse can see where it's walking."

However an animal rights group says that the horse’s safety could be compromised if the driver does not guide it safely.

Montreal law considers carriages the same as cyclists and pedestrians in the fact that the "rules of the road" don't apply to them, according to police spokeswoman Melanie Lajoie.

So it makes me think--who's in the right here? I have to admit that I've been known to text while riding my horse in familiar surroundings, and I know Lark will take advantage of me not paying attention and start to do her own thing … like walk back to the barn. I’ve never been one to totally allow her to go where she pleases because I do know that her eyesight isn’t as good as mine (due to a corneal ulcer scar, for the most part). That being said, I wouldn’t do so if we were somewhere else that could lead to danger, like a road or on the trails. But is riding different than driving a carriage?

It's definitely a debate worth having, so have at it! What do you think: Should carriage drivers be required to follow the same rules of the road as automobile drivers?