You can already see the signs of election season just about anywhere you turn in the United States--signs in people's yards, billboard ads, and a constant stream of candidate bickering on the morning news shows. While most election bickering might sound like, "yadda yadda yadda," in one small New Mexico town, their election sounded more like a barnyard with clucks, barks, and knickers--and we're not talking political party mascots.

Corrales, N.M., held its first pet mayor election in September. The candidates included Buddy the Dalmation, Paco Peco the llama, Emma the donkey, Sherman the gray Quarter Horse, Aspen the black grade mare, and more. For six weeks, locals "voted" for their favorite furry (or feathered, as was the case for candidate Little Miss--a chicken) candidate by paying one dollar a vote, with all of the proceeds going to the Kiwanis Foundation of Corrales, according to KRQE News 13. The original fundraising goal was $5,000, but the tough campaigns raised more then $7,800 towards the charity.

Area resident Jon Marr told KRQE, "You know we've heard big promises before and in other places like Washington, so in Corrales a chicken promising everything, I don’t think that’s too much to ask for."

Considering my lack of patience for the constant candidate-bashing and finger-pointing that seems to always accompany election season, this type of politics seems right up my alley--after all, I did threaten to vote for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi for President in the last election (but don't worry, I did make a valid vote on the first Tuesday in November). fans can rejoice--"the dark horse," Aspen, won the campaign after picking up votes from the younger set. She provided free kisses and horseback rides leading up to the final day of voting. When (human) Mayor Phillip Gasteyer announced the mare as the winner, she let out a shrill whinny, possibly denouncing any new taxes.

Aspen's duties will include public appearances at community events and visits to area schools for functions such as graduation, according to the Rio Rancho Journal.

Campaign manager (aka, owner) Nancy Freshour said Aspen was absolutely delighted and honored to be Coralles' first pet mayor.