It's just another Friday night in Smalltown, U.S.A., where you know kids are always looking to get into a little bit of trouble, just to liven things up. In Hitchcock, Texas, last weekend, a 13-year-old found exactly what he was looking for ... or was it?

Police in the small coastal Texas town received a call mid-afternoon about someone riding a horse down a main road near the Stewart Elementary School. According to The Daily News, investigating officials believe the boy "probably just saw a horse, and for a lack of a better term, took it for a joy ride."

Police found the minor riding across some nearby railroad tracks. When authorities stopped him, he refused to dismount from the horse and fled from the scene--yes, still on horseback. About four blocks later, the runaway was trapped between a fence and a police car and was apprehended. Surprisingly, the boy was charged with only two misdemeanors--trespassing on railroad property and evading arrest. (Apparently stealing the horse wasn't worth a charge?)

Here's the interesting twist to the story: The horse was found to be malnourished and and instead of being returned to his lot, he was taken to Habitat for Horses. Police Chief Clay Kennelly said, "If the owner tries to claim (the horse), we’ll conduct an additional investigation for possible charges of lack of care for the horse."

Which makes me ask, should the kid get a little reward from bringing attention to this horse's plight? Perhaps that’s why he wasn't charged for theft? Or should he be charged for stealing a horse?