I'm a superstitious person. I'm not the one who panics if a black cat crosses their path (which is a good thing since my parents have several black barn cats whom I trip over on a regular basis) and I generally don't go out of my way to knock on wood (unless it's really important ... like one of Dorado's naughty spells being over). I do, however, keep a four-leaf clover in my eventing arm band at all times, was devastated when my lucky crop vanished one day, and am always delighted to find a ladybug crawling on me or something around me.

A driver in Germany recently got a lucky break of his own thanks to an escaped equine on a mission during rush hour. According to the Daily Mail, German police were aware that a horse escaped from a pasture near Meppen and wreaked havoc as it galloped down city streets during rush hour. The article said, "Stunned drivers had to swerve out of the way as the horse thundered over the tarmac--jumping a string of red lights with his mane flowing behind him."

Eventually, the horse was caught by his owner and returned to his stable at the nearby farm.

Now here's the lucky part (well, aside from the horse emerging without a scratch from his downtown adventure!).

Upon reviewing their traffic camera footage for the day, police found a photo of the horse galloping down the city streets (which can be seen in the Daily Mail article).

A spokesman for the police force was quoted in the Daily Mail article saying, "The image was taken by a camera set to take pictures of speeding motorists and people going over the red light," and the squad believes that the camera was actually triggered by a speeding motorist rather than the horse.

The driver of the car isn't convinced, and is reportedly refusing to pay a fine.

I'm not sure, at this point, if the police are actually trying to get the driver to pay, but if it wasn't for one renegade steed, it's pretty certain he's be paying a hefty speeding fine!

Now here's a thought ... should the owner of the horse be required to pay a fine for causing traffic backups? Or is it just one of those things that happens with horses?

Personally, I'm quite happy with the owner not being forced to pay a fine. If I had to pay a fine for every time Dorado (or one of the other horses at home in Michigan) got loose, I think I would have a very angry bank account, if you know what I mean! That being said, my horses have never caused a traffic jam in the middle of a city. It's another one of those things that could go either way!

What are your thoughts?