It is always interesting to me to see my equine culture somehow be mixed up into the daily mainstream life. Of course the equestrian look has shown up on runways from New York to Milan, but sometimes there’s more than just tall boots and riding jackets.

A Whinney of an Idea
One Croatian inventor has tried to one-up Thomas Edison's novel idea, the light bulb. Instead of trying to make the light bulb more energy efficient, as we've seen in home improvement stores lately, he tried to make it stronger and not as fragile. He did so by fusing a small, heavy iron horseshoe to the glass. According to the website News Weird Magazine, he won't divulge his fusing secret to anyone except for the fool … I mean innovator … who will pay 500,000 Euro for the bulb.

The inventor told the Croatian Times, "This is the most unique light bulb in the world. I'll tell how I did it to the person that buys it. I can only say it is a complicated process."

I’m not too sure there is a market for this type of thing, but you never know. I wonder if the horseshoe gives off a distinctive shadow across the room of a giant "U"--you know, kind of like the Bat Signal?

Fashionable Hoofwear
The famed races at Royal Ascot (held annually in Ascot, one hour west of London, England) recently ended and there was chatter that was equal parts horse racing and head wear, as can be expected from the annual event. But one other British racecourse has its own fashion--hooves.

Betfair commissioned designers to create the high heel hooves to celebrate the 100th anniversary Cheltenham's annual races. The boots feature imitation hooves made out of carbon fiber with a zipper and are finished with 5,000 individual horse hairs (Editor's note: There is no documentation as to how these horse hairs were obtained.)

The proceeds from the shoe sales (which retailed for 1,300 Pounds Sterling) went to charity. You can get them in one of two styles--knee high or ankle boots. And, yes ladies, men can wear them with their favorite Dockers.

One model sporting the clunky footwear told the UK Daily Mail they make you feel like "you want to get out on the track and gallop down the final furlong." I don't think I'll be galloping into those shoes any time soon …

Joust Away
And finally, who can resist the call to stardom, especially if it's horse-related? Equestrians (or maybe even those with no horse sense, if you're crazy enough) are invited to try out for the History Channel's upcoming competition/reality series, "Full Metal Jousting."

Producers are looking to cast 16 men and women who are skilled horseback riders with "the heart of a warrior" to compete for the top prize of $100,000 and the title as "America's first Full Metal Jouster."

Requirements for potential jousters include strength, determination, and desire to win (a little cliché, one would think). The call-out states you don't have to know how to joust--they'll teach you (bonus!), you just have to be able to handle wearing full-metal armor, a wooden lance, and a 2,000 pound war horse … all while sprinting in a straight line towards an opponent.

So if you have a dream of starring in the next "A Knight’s Tale," this would be the perfect stepping-stone!

Out of the three, which would you most likely find yourself with: the horseshoe light bulb, hoof boots, or sending in your casting application for "Full Metal Jousting?"