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Two Tickets, Please

As I was perusing the horse-related news recently, I came across a story in which a man tried to transport his pony in a most unusual way. After reading said news story (more on that in a moment) I was reminded of a trip I took a few years ago. When I was a freshman at Michigan State University, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland and Northern Ireland. For roughly a month, I traveled around... Read More

Your Punishment: Playing with the Ponies

Growing up, when I got in trouble I had things taken away from me--horse shows or rodeos (whatever was coming up that weekend), use of the Internet, etc. I was never punished with time at the barn or riding lessons. However, it seems one girl in the U.K. has been "punished" with just that--horseback riding lessons. According to The Daily Mail , a 17-year-old girl accused of robbing students outside... Read More

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A New Kind of Championship

In this wide world of ours, sports and competitions range from the common ones we see on a regular basis (horse racing, hockey, or Jeopardy, for example) to the less common and sometimes bizarre. We've all heard of hot dog and pie eating contests, and maybe some people have even heard of the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association . But some odd sports and competitions are really out there ...... Read More

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