From time to time, I enjoy leaving my apartment in suburbia and Dorado's rural home and venturing into a major metropolitan area for a day or two. The sights and sounds of the big city are exciting and an experience to remember. Boston and Chicago are two of my favorites, and it's quite handy that my cousin living in Las Vegas always jumps at the chance to have house guests. But after a day or so, I can't wait to return to the grass, flies, and horses I've come to know and love.


Look close! You might see a horse in the city!

I still remember one trip to Boston quite clearly. It was when I lived in Central Massachusetts and my Miniature Horse--a 31.75-inch mare named Brandy--accompanied me into Beantown. And she wasn't the only one ... five other Minis invaded the Hub as well. You see, along with my old neighbor's Mini farm, I used to travel around New England putting on exhibitions at county fairs and open houses to demonstrate all the things Miniature Horses could do. There was a halter demonstration, driving presentation, and a Mini that performed at liberty. Brandy's specialty was in-hand obstacles and jumping.

The farm had been invited to perform at the Tufts' Veterinary Conference that year, which took place at the Hynes Convention Center. So we loaded up the horses, drove into Boston, and arrived at our destination. We got some pretty interesting looks as we paraded our horses around to stretch their legs amongst the city dwellers!

One of my favorite parts of the excursion was that the only way to get our Minis up to the convention venue was in the service elevator. Brandy and I rode up with my neighbor and her gelding, Zorro. Of the six horses present that day, Brandy was the only one to christen the elevator, if you know what I mean.

Upon arriving on the umpteenth floor, Tufts had set up a great arena for us, although it would prove to be the first time Brandy jumped on padded carpet (which she seemed to like because it gave her springs in her feet!). After the exhibition, we brought our horses back down the elevators for one more walk around to stretch their legs before the long ride home, and returned home to the country.

It's been about ten years since that day, but I was instantly taken back when I saw a news report surrounding another horse making a trip to the city. Reports indicate that a horse (along with a few others) was being ridden in a park when his rider fell off. The horse left the park and took off into Philadelphia, stopping cars and pedestrians in their tracks ... many of whom I'm sure had the same looks of surprise on their faces to see and equine in the big city!

It wasn't long before the horse was caught and returned to the rider, but a videographer managed to capture the chase on film. Check it out!

What is the strangest place you've ever seen a horse?