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Let Me Help You With That

We all know the routine: The sun is out, temperatures warming up, and the days are getting longer. It's time to think summer, and as we start to shed our winter wear, so do our horses--it’s shedding season. To me, shedding season means hours spent at the barn getting the ultimate upper body workout with curry combs and shedding blades, trying to get those last bits of dull winter hair off my horses... Read More

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Horse in the City

From time to time, I enjoy leaving my apartment in suburbia and Dorado's rural home and venturing into a major metropolitan area for a day or two. The sights and sounds of the big city are exciting and an experience to remember. Boston and Chicago are two of my favorites, and it's quite handy that my cousin living in Las Vegas always jumps at the chance to have house guests. But after a day or so,... Read More

Hit The Road, Jack

In addition to my OTTB eventer Dorado, I am the proud owner of an American Warmblood mare named Sadie. I got her shortly after her fifth birthday when I was still a freshman in high school ... the fact that she is now 14 and I now have a full-time office job makes me feel old every time I think about it! Sadie is very opinionated about trailering. Sadie's a nice girl. She's got great conformation,... Read More

And the Cow Jumped Over the Oxer

You’ve probably already seen the story--the graceful pair has been a topic of talk on the Horses In The Morning online radio show and has been on the Yahoo! news reel. I’m talking about the creative German girl who had a cow when her parents refused to buy her a horse. Regina Mayer, a 15-year-old from southern Germany, was like any other horse-crazy girl and begged her parents for an equine companion... Read More

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