Despite the fact that tractor-trailer trucks are built to harness the power of hundreds of horses, one tractor-trailer truck driver found out the power of four horses--four draft horses to be exact--when his rig became stuck in the snow and was rescued by the equines and their owner.

Reports indicate that a tractor-trailer truck hauling several thousand gallons of milk slid into a snow bank near Ottawa, Pa., and was unable to get free. Seeing the stranded truck, an Amish man brought his team of draft horses to see if they could help. Sure enough, the team of horses quickly pulled the truck back on the road and the driver was able to continue on his way. Thankfully, no horses or humans were injured during the rescue.

It amazed me how easily the four horses were able to extricate the massive truck from the snow bank. We all know that horses are incredibly strong animals, but I personally tend to forget how much sheer power they possess.

It also reminds me why it's so important to train your horse properly ... if four horses can move a fully loaded tractor-trailer, think of what a horse could if using that strength for something naughty!

Check this video out ... it's likely something you won't see again soon!

This is up there on my list, but what's the most unbelievable thing you've ever seen a horse do?