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Mischievous Marsupials Halt Races in Australia

There's an old adage that says, "Horses are scared of two things: things that move, and things that don't." While some horses are slightly less spooky than others, this phrase probably describes the majority of the equine population at one time or another. Take Dorado, my fairly level-headed eventer, for example. In reality, he doesn't spook at much. He raced for four years, and is quite well-travelled... Read More

Baptism by Fire … Literally!

The joke around the office when I started working here was that I would get my baptism by fire. Less than a month after my first day, I followed (albeit nervously!) The Horse's team to the AAEP Convention in Baltimore, Md., to take a shot at covering 30-odd presentations in about five days, all while still trying to remember everything horse health-related I learned from my equine science classes with... Read More

Oh No She Didn't Just Slap That Horse!

We've unleashed our intern on some weird horse news! Here's a word from Mary Beth: My, my, my, what is the world coming to? Orange Floridian alligators , two-year-old drag queens (" Toddlers and Tiaras " reference, holla!), and drunken women slapping police horses? Enough is clearly enough, people. The hand that slaps might be the hand that's cuffed. If you're anything like me, you'll find the recent... Read More

Pro Football Player Plans Retirement...on the Racetrack? this might not necessarily be weird horse news. It is, however, incredibly interesting and pretty unusual if you ask me! When some professional athletes retire, they tend to stay involved with the same sport they've spent their entire lives playing perhaps in a different capacity. National Hockey League (NHL) great Wayne Gretzky, for example, dabbled in coaching an NHL team and then served... Read More

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Designated Driver: A New Job for Horses?

A new television commercial airing in Montana is raising quite a stir in the New Year. The commercial, produced by the Montana Department of Transportation, essentially aims to encourage the use of designated drivers. News Editor Erica Larson and Photo/Newsletter Editor Megan Arszman take two opposing views on the context of the ad. CON (by Erica): While I (and everyone here at stand... Read More

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