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Suspended Knighthood

We've got spirit, yes we do, We've got spirit, how 'bout you? Is there such a thing as too much school spirit? Apparently, there is. Back in November a 17-year-old high school student was suspended for riding his family's horse, Pierre, to school during Spirit Week. The Hamilton, Mass., school had different days for Spirit Week, with that particular day being celebrated by students dressing up as knights... Read More

Horse Escape Blamed on Emu

News Editor Erica Larson will join me on the Weird Horse News blog starting today! She'll be bringing you those off-the-wall, weird horse stories that she runs into while searching for the latest horse health news for Let's face it. Most horses have a mischievous side to them. They are always looking for the chance to escape from their enclosures, be it a stall or a paddock. My own horse... Read More

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