So you need to take your horse to the veterinarian or on a road trip, but you don't have a truck and trailer to haul him? Well for one particular driver in Kansas, lack of conventional equine transportation didn't stop him--he just loaded up his Miniature Horse into the back seat of his champagne Toyota and drove on down the road--causing a stir for passing drivers.

When the Potter family initially drove by the beaten-up sedan on U.S. Highway 75 between Topeka and Osage, the father's initial thought upon seeing the mane in the windows was just that that was "a lot of hair." When they drove by the car they discovered that mane really was mane--attached to a horse!

The family then pulled over so Rick Potter could get the video camera ready. Then they got back on the road and drove by the slow-moving car to capture the sight, Rick told Rick told the Kansas City, Kan., news station that it looked like the back seat had been removed to allow for more room to accomodate the uncommonly large passenger.

Since the YouTube video has gone viral, Rick was visited by the man driving that modified horse box. Jerry Miller was the driver in the video and he was hauling his Miniature Horse, Rascal, to another show. Apparently the Pomona Lake, Kan., man and his 15-year-old equine partner travel all over Kansas in that car so Rascal can show off his 40+ tricks to the public.

Hopefully Jerry and Rascal can book a few more shows to buy some new wheels for the team.